Iframe code in wix does not work the fullscreen function

Hi, I hope someone help me with this, this is only happens in my website using wix, using an iframe code to view a virtual tour, it does not work the fullscreen function, why? even if I write the allowfullscreen=“true”, nothing. how can I make this function work in wix. here is the code.

Also, the scrool bar I only can take off it when I change the 100% to value numbers that exactly fit in the space of my website.

To know how I know that the code works, I run it in here W3Schools Tryit Editor

Does anybody help me with this? thanks

Hi. I have the same problem, here. Used allowfullscreen, allowfullscreen=“true” and allow=“fullscreen”. No video fullscreen for me, too.

Fullscreen with HTML Component

This example demonstrates the requestFullscreen method of the HTML fullscreen API as used to change a specified element to full screen.

how can u fix it on Blog posts?

also why does escaping fullscreen resets the page to top?