Iframe Coding Help Please

on my site I need to create a form visitors can fill out with a name and email that once submitted pushes to a 3rd party site (Spark) I have all the necessary codes but I am struggling to put them in the correct order somehow for the data to properly pull. Is anyone able to guide me on the appropriate steps for this.

Hey Nicole,

Please share a link to the relevant page in your site.
Also, if you can share the code parts, how you tried to use them and what errors did you run into?


Hello Itai. Below is the code I entered into iframe. for some reason when I test out and enter information and hit the ‘send’ button it doesn’t seem to load anything or transfer the data. Not sure what I am missing. Also, is there a way to make the ‘send’ link actually look like a button and make the name and email fields look more appealing? Thank you for taking a look. Code: <form accept-charset=“UTF-8"action=” https://spark.re/urban-315/rainier-view-homes/register " id=“spark-registration-form” method=“post”>

First Name
Last Name
Submit <input type="hidden" name="redirect_error" id="redirect_error" value=""

current website trying to add to (there is a footer info tab that I set up before we knew we were going to use an iframe or other option to pull the data elsewhere so the footer one will go away eventually. https://www.rvhliving.com/

You can use Messaging to post / get information from the iFrame. Note that we cannot debug external code for you (the iFrame code) so if you have issues with the iFrame code, you would need to contact whoever wrote it.