Iframe redirect to top frame on form submit

The code below when embedded within an iframe opens up the redirect within the iframe, and I think because of the way this form is created by the 3rd party, adding a target=“_blank” does not work.

As a work around I am trying to have the form itself open in a pop-up generated by the javascript around it so that at least the redirect will take up the whole new page. The problem is that when I try to insert the form code inside the javascript it does not work.

How can I embed the form code inside this popup? Or is there a better way?

thank you

Form code:

I consent for client to hold this data

<input type=“submit” value="Submit & Go "

Popup code

Try it

Hi Simon:

If I were you I would remove the iFrame and simply convert the HTML to a regular wix page using inputElements for the form fields.

You can then have a submit button that calls the wix-location.to() function to perform your page redirect.

If you want a pop up specifically then you can use a lightbox for that and load it using wixWindow.openLightbox .

Is there a reason why you are using an iFrame?


Hi Steve

Thanks for this reply.

The code here is supplied by the third party customer data capture service and hence I am simply embedding that code the only way I know how - in an iframe. If I were to use input elements I would not know how to get that information passed over to their system.

Finally I have found a solution by simply adding formtarget=“_blank” inside the submit input attributes.

Thanks again for reaching out.