iframe is broken

As of this morning around 11am PT, all iframe items are broken on our wix site.
looks like other people are reporting the same thing.
Called wix support but they routed me here.
Anyone has any idea?


What are they showing? Is that site up with the features?

go to www.bridgemls.com there are two iframe items on the footer and theyre both broken. Someone else is reporting the same issue saying that the iframe is sandboxed

See here for working with iFrames in Wix.

You will read on this page about the difference between using html iFrames on free Wix sites and premium Wix sites.
Code within the HTML element is displayed on your live site within a sandboxed iFrame. Using a sandbox protects visitors to Wix sites from potential side-effects of custom HTML/JS/CSS code.

Also note that on this page Wix state that if your used code comes from a third party provider, then you need to go back to the third party code provider as Wix won’t support code from a third party.
We cannot provide support for external codes that were not created or tested with Wix. If you are experiencing an issue with your code snippet, please contact the provider directly.

Although, as filesusr.com is where Wix host all their HTML bits, then it could be an issue with that server or somewhere else on their CDN.

im positive that its an issue with wix’s server because we’ve had these two iframe items on the site for almost 2 years without any issues until this morning. We have not make any changes either.

Also, I have just looked at your site and I had to turn off my third party adblockers etc to get this.

I have temporarily turned them all off to get the above result.

I have to whitelist my sites in third party website extensions and the site runs and shows fine.

Don’t always blame Wix as this could be a third party web extension issue…

haha it just came back. I guess they fixed something on their end.

Might have just been routine maintenance, we are not to know unfortunately as only about 3hrs.

Thanks for your responses GOS. I wish wix support could have reported this internally to investigate rather having me posting in forum and tweets.

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It is the Ghostery extension that is blocking it for me.

As mentioned before, you will need to have website whitelisted through the extension for this to show if somebody else uses that extension or to simply have the extension turned off.

However, that is down to the user to do on their own web browser and you can’t control what they use on their own setups.

Thanks for the tips. Currently we do not use this extension.

Broken again!!!

It isn’t working?

The article doesn’t ‘fix’ the issue.

Please open your own TOPIC/POST and describe your issue in detail.