I've added a proper https website to the embed design and the iframe is blank and there are no error codes for the url... help!


Hi! I’ve read this and I am using proper https:// websites and it’s still not working… The problem is the website links were working and now they are not. Any thoughts on why?


If it is a website link to a third party, then you will need to contact that third parties own support for more help as Wix won’t provide support, which is mentioned on the linked page.

***We cannot provide support for external codes that were not created or tested with Wix. If you are experiencing an issue with your code snippet, please contact the provider directly. ***

Are you also testing it on a premium site, as on a free site the iFrames are sandboxed and you are limited to what you can do with them.

Finally, please note that this is not a code related issue as it does not involve the use of any Wix code on your site, therefore you would be better suited going through Wix Support for more help with this matter.

This previous post might be similar to yours as well.

I too am having the same difficulty with embedding 3rd party code. Actually spent time on the phone with wix customer support and they could not get it to work either. They had me try to add as custom code through the dashboard settings and apply to the specific pages instead. This actually displayed the code fine, but only shows the frame in the header or footer. It disappears when assigned to the body and a form displaying above the menu header or beneath the footer is not a good look. The fact that the form does show though, points towards an issue with wix and not the third party code. Still waiting on trying to get a human at wix…

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