I'm getting form entries with a blank in what is supposed to be a required field??

I have the one of my input fields set as a required field in my form, but I’ve gotten a few records in my collection with no data in that column! I’m not sure how it’s happening - I’ve checked that it’s still a required field, and I can’t beat the pattern validation when I try to do it myself to see how it’s happening, both in preview and in the published website.

The form is built with custom input elements, no velo code or wix forms.

Any ideas as to what might be going on?

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Commenting here to track a response. Having similar issue.

I’ve since figured out what my problem was - maybe you have a similar issue Jay.

The datatype in my collection was of the number type, whereas the regex statement and the validity check of the input element allowed for characters like “+” and “-” (It’s a phone number field). When someone enters a phone number like “(573)433-2444”, it passes the validity check but it’s a string, not a number, so it doesn’t get logged in the collection. I changed the datatype in the collection to string and that solves it for me.

Somehow nobody had used any characters other than numbers for the first month and a half so the problem wasn’t immediately obvious.

Hopefully that helps you!

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I’m having similar issue and checked all three columns. All Text. The 3 fields are First Name, Last Name and Email. None of which should be difficult. I’ve tried Chrome and Safari browser and iPhone Safari browser. All error the fields and prevent me from submitting. However a couple entries have gotten through (1 of 20 so far). I’m expecting 1,000s so I need some help.


Are you using the custom input elements or Wix Form? Or maybe a third party form element?

How are you checking validity? With velo code or the built-in validity options?

What are the entries that made it through?

Are you getting any error messages in the console? Make sure that you have the correct collection permissions .

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@yisrael-wix I’m using a custom update function. The user has 3 fields to input first, last and email. A fourth field (drop down) to select a company. A 5th field that autogenerates a drop down based on the selection in the 4th field. Finally, an upload button to submit an image.

All is working fine for 78 of the 79 submissions so far. This is an open site, no members or user login. It just seems random or a user having some privacy settings, old browser or something? I can’t figure it out. I thought maybe it was a timing issue that it tool longer than expected to upload the image before my form reset function kicked in and cleared these values. But this would be crazy coincidental to reset only these 3 fields. Could this be the culprit? If so, any suggestions on where to put the reset function?

Here is my code for the submission button of the page:

export function writeData () {
let dateTime = new Date ();
wixData . get ( “FoundersAccts” , $w ( “#acctdropdown” ). value )
. then (( item ) => {
item . lastName = $w ( “#last” ). value ; // updated last name
item . firstName = $w ( “#first” ). value ;
item . email = $w ( “#UserEmail” ). value . toLowerCase ();
item . display = url ; //$w(“#image11”).src;
item . fullAddress = item . address + " " + item . city + ", " + item . state + " " + item . zip ;
item . submittedDate = dateTime ;
wixData . update ( “FoundersAccts” , item );

. catch (( err ) => {
let errorMsg = err ;

setTimeout (() => { 
    resetForm (); 

}, 3000 )

I should also include the error check code that driving the upload file button. Here is where I’m checking field validity. Again, this is working on every device I try but some user out there is getting through:

export function submitDropdown () {

if ( $w ( “#uploadDisplay” ). value . length > 0 &&
$w ( ‘#first’ ). valid &&
$w ( ‘#acctdropdown’ ). valid &&
$w ( ‘#last’ ). valid &&
$w ( ‘#distributor’ ). valid &&
$w ( ‘#UserEmail’ ). value . includes ( “@” ))

$w ( “#text25” ). hide ();
$w ( ‘#text29’ ). show ();
$w ( “#text29” ). text = "Uploading " + $w ( “#uploadDisplay” ). value [ 0 ]. name ;
$w ( “#uploadDisplay” ). startUpload ()
. then (( uploadedFile ) => {
$w ( “#text24” ). show ();
$w ( ‘#text29’ ). hide ();
url = uploadedFile . url ;
console . log ( "acctdropdown Id: " + $w ( “#acctdropdown” ). value );
writeData (); //updates current record
. catch (( uploadError ) => {
$w ( “#text25” ). show ();
console . log ( "File upload error: " + uploadError . errorCode );

} else {
$w ( “#text25” ). show ();
console . log ( “something is not valid” );
$w ( “#first” ). resetValidityIndication ()
$w ( “#first” ). updateValidityIndication ()
$w ( “#first” ). placeholder = $w ( “#first” ). validationMessage ;

    $w ( "#last" ). resetValidityIndication () 
    $w ( "#last" ). updateValidityIndication () 
    $w ( "#last" ). placeholder  =  $w ( "#last" ). validationMessage ; 

    $w ( "#UserEmail" ). resetValidityIndication () 
    $w ( "#UserEmail" ). updateValidityIndication () 
    $w ( "#UserEmail" ). placeholder  =  "Please enter a valid email address" ; 

    $w ( "#distributor" ). resetValidityIndication (); 
    $w ( "#distributor" ). updateValidityIndication (); 
    $w ( "#distributor" ). placeholder  =  $w ( "#distributor" ). validationMessage ; 

    $w ( "#acctdropdown" ). resetValidityIndication () 
    $w ( "#acctdropdown" ). updateValidityIndication () 
    $w ( "#acctdropdown" ). placeholder  =  $w ( "#acctdropdown" ). validationMessage ; 

    $w ( "#uploadDisplay" ). resetValidityIndication () 
    $w ( "#uploadDisplay" ). updateValidityIndication () 



All great questions…see my reply to Yisreal’s reply above.

I used wix muliti step form templates and when customers enter date the form submissions are blank. Wix has been giving me the run around for over a week. Every time I talk to them or chat with them they “escalate” my issue to an expert with a new “priority” tag. I pretty sure GOD will is the next representative Ill talk to with all these “escalations”. What hasn’t de-escalated is the money they collect from me.

I have screen shots of them saying it should take 48hrs. Been over a week same bs. meanwhile I have customers I simply have to ignore. What am I suppose to say at this point? GOD hasn’t called me back yet. Thumbs Down Wix. Its your own content manager that doesnt even work. Its not like I wrote in some custom code in developer. Ignoring customers is costly.

To top it off when you request a call back a 1-877-949-4665 number calls you and when you answer they act like they cant here you and hang up. I once answered and immediately asked asked what day of the week it was and the rep said Monday (day after new years day 2023) then the same b.s. you say hello they wait a few seconds and hang up. No wonder they dont list a number to call them. They would be inundated with angry customers.

Check this out, their own site… there is a bunch of paying customers with the same issue and no solutions