I'm lost! Trying to find a Latest News which shows the latest articles on the site

New user to Wix and have started (re)creating a current Joomla site in it, as I was told it would be an easier platform. So far I’m not so convinced!

Anyway - the issue I have is trying to find an App that will present the latest articles in a blog format automatically. In Joomla I have a Latest news & updates app that does that, but I’m struggling to find anything similar in Wix as anything “news” related keeps pointing to external news sites.

Am I maybe just missing something here? Or will I have to just put article info/links in manually?

Hey @Mrs_R_Wright!

Have you tried using the Wix Blogs app? Wix Blog | Wix App Market | Wix.com

Hi Noah
Yeh - it’s ok - just makes for a lot of work to try & resize the output so as to not take over half the page. I’d just hoped there might have been an easier method to do what I thought was one of those standard website needs. It’s just going to take me time to adjust to the different way of doing things - my brain’s still in Joomla mode :slight_smile:

So - having now played about with the Blog concept I’m happy enough to use it. However, now I’m trying to see if there’s a way to force output to equalise in box size as I’ve worked through every setting I can find but images & boxes seem to stubbornly stay the same mixed sizes. I’ve tried to make all images the same size but no matter what size I chose the system never seemed to update them fully.

Tiny issue I know but I’m a bit of a perfectionist or maybe OCD with things being uniform so would love to get them all the same. Is it possible or just a quirk of blog posts when presented in this way? Or have I maybe missed a setting somewhere?