Image FitMode

Would love to have “fit” images enabled on a repeater. Currently, I have to edit each image to be square, which is a serious pain. Velo says “fit” is not supported on Editor X, so would really love to see this.


it is a dealbreaker, When you have a lot of CMS Pictures it sucks. With the Store it is possible to make the images fit…but this is just a little workarround

If you put a container in your repeater, make it Square. Drop your image block into the square container, press fit and it should repeat to all items. That’s how I use it anyway.

yes, but he cuts of items…image fit normally says that all of the picture should be seen

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Where are we on this? This is an essential feature, especially when using a repeater. What are the alternatives for the fit mode? What does wix do?

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@lukasjacqueline they are not working on this i think. But i have a workaround. I use Pro Gallery. There you can set the Imagesize to fit :slight_smile:

@chrisdis9112383 Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately this solution that you offer does not work when it comes to a repeater. I find it really a shame, once again, to have to work around a problem on this editor. Publisher X wants to be revolutionary compared to the old publisher, but ultimately, it is not. Adding functionality is one thing, adding old functionality that was essential is another.

I’m waiting for a response from wix.

1- It is not normal that we have to work around this problem.
2- This is an essential feature for the design of our websites, start by adding the features that we had on the old editor, wix team!

Hope to have a response from the wix team here, and things will finally move forward! Answer us and find a solution! We pay for it


@lukasjacqueline pro gallery is a kind of repeater you can use it with dynamic content. But yes i feel you. Normally this is standard.

I agree this standard function is essential.


Do we have any news?


It’s a must have guys. Come on, put this feature request on top.
We should even be able to choose these fitmode option from the editor without code.




Any updates?