Images overlapped in Slider Pro

Trying to add a slider to my web site with company logos. (similar to a carousel) The images need to be separated, but unfortunately, the images are overlapping for some reason.

Wix Editor

What are you trying to achieve:
I want the logo images to be separate and distinct. (not overlapped)

What have you already tried:
Reading other posts on this Forum, resizing images multiple times.

Example of what I want it to look like:

Thanks for your constructive input.

Here’s how my slider looks:

Another segment of my slider:

Any idea how I can get the images of company logos separated?

The key to preventing overlapping logos in your Wix Editor slider is to ensure they maintain their original proportions. don’t use cropping – set the image “fit mode.”

Which app / component are you using for this?

Providing screenshots of your editor will help.

To change how images are resized:

  1. Click the gallery in the Editor.
  2. Click the Settings icon .
  3. Select an option under When they’re resized:
  • Autocrop: Crops (cuts) the images to fill the entire gallery frame.
  • Fit: Displays whole images in the gallery.

I appreciate you trying to help me with this.

I’m not able to locate the “Settings” icon in my gallery.

Thanks for your help.

You are in the media manager in the upload screen, You need to access the gallery settings
Click the gallery in the Editor.