Import Wix Bookings Services

I need to create hundreds of Wix Booking services as part of a new Website launch.
Looking for a way to do this in bulk.

  1. From the Wix Bookings UI, there is no Import CSV button.
  2. Hence I thought about going through code, stumbled upon this which is exactly what I need. Tried, but did not work. Hence I thought it was a permission issue being the “Bookings/Services” collection manageable only via Bookings app.
  3. I guess got confirmation about this from where it is stated that the “Bookings/Services” collection is Read Only so I am not sure whether I could create new services in the “Bookings/Services” collection passing a JSON object to wixData.insert API.

If I had to create them one by one through the Wix Bookings - Create Service UI it will take us weeks of manual work. I am sure there must be a smarter and faster way.

Any idea on how I could achieve this?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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@ahmadnasriya since you volunteered to be tagged in another post of mine…:slight_smile: happy to hear your thoughts on this.

Hey @matteo , I’d be happy to assist you.

Unfortunately, Wix Booking is so limited in this regard, the collection is read-only and there’s no exposed API on the backend to create a new booking.

The only option you have is to either add them manually, or create a custom booking system from scratch.

@ahmadnasriya Hi Ahmad, when you say add them manually, what do you mean? Can you provide an example please? I am trying to export data into wix bookings… I have managed to enter data from a dropdown of names in a dataset and using wix-data.insert the name and date selected go into a separate datasheet. How would I do this using wix-bookings and wix-backend? Using updateCustomerInfo() and ge()? Im a novice :slight_smile:

@ahmadnasriya this is definitely bad news. Thanks for your reply. I am writing to Wix Customer support in turn because at this point I would expect a Tech help on their end to do it. @mamfamotion manual means that you have to upload services one by one my manually Creating each form in the Dashboard of Wix Bookings.

Hi @matteo
Koby from Wix Bookings team here.
This ability is not available yet, however the good news are that we are working on releasing another set of bookings velo APIs (backend) focusing on providing management capabilities for services and resources (eg staff members). This should allow you to write code that can import collection data (or from other sources) into Wix bookings.
We don’t have a final timeline yet, we will update in the next coming few weeks.


@kobym , thank you so much for your reply. I see. I will be very much looking forward to this. Being a Product Manager myself I completely understand the challenge in giving an ETA. It would be fantastic if we can just tell me if you are targeting a Q1 release? The last thing I would like to do is to have my team spend days in uploading manually the services and then you release the API day after. :slight_smile: if we are talking about weeks I would rather hold and wait for the API to become available. If we are talking of months…well I will go manual. I would much appreciate your reply. Thanks.

Hello @kobym . Any movement on this? Looking at migrating from another solution and importing my services would be very helpful, Best, Aviva

It’s always ‘coming’ with the Velo team…’ It’s Sept 2022…so I guess a couple of weeks exceeds 70+? I’ve still see no movement on this. It’s really idiotic not to have this feature. I’m left with no other option but to have my clients use outside platforms or build custom scheduling systems. My clients want to use you, but you make it EXTREMELY hard for them to do so. Either do something well, or don’t. This half-pregnant approach to your modules forces many of our hands, and it’s truly a waste.

Any update here? Looking for a way to either add a recurring booking, duplicate a booking, or bulk upload our bookings. Seems like a pretty standard booking software task. I’m in the same boat where having to do everything manually will take days to weeks of manual labour. Just about to launch the new site, but may have to start from scratch and switch to WP or something else…

Hey @kobym
Is there a feature request we can follow?

I would also like to bump this forum post. Currently moving a very busy spa client over to Wix Bookings from Square Appointments. I am going to have to manually import 185 appointments! That is insane. And that’s not counting thousands of “past appointment” history which would also be a bonus to have in there.

Anyone figure out a workaround solution?

How’s it going with this development from 2021?
I need to add recurring bookings and need to load via an upload , not manually.

Hi @Jennifer_T

We’ve just released api’s to manage services in velo - you can find the api reference here: Introduction - Velo API Reference -

With these API’s you create, update and delete services, query for services and get events while there are changes done with services. I believe this allows writing code that uploads services to the system.

As for recurring booking - we are looking into supporting it in the api, if you can elaborate your use case, that would be helpful.



wow, literally I just started a new website and are in need of this. Are you in Israel? I would love some guidance

Wix, please get this prioritised! It is incredibly time consuming to have to manually go into one service, then the next to update them. I need to review and update my services regurlarly and a csv file upload/download is exactly what i need. Wix does it for the products, why not the services?? This was logged years ago, and still nothing. Please proritise! This is incredibly timeconsuming and frustrating!