Importing the variables of explorer, like extensions(metamask)?

Hello, i’m newly working on Wix-based project.
Now i’m trying to include Metamask interface into my website.
Here’s the problem;

My PC has metamask(chrome extension) installed
At any chrome tab, I can see ‘web3’ or ‘ethereum’ variables defined, by chrome’s developer console (F12).
However, my wix-based website, I created a button and configured the click event listener using variables like ‘web3’, but it says
‘web3 is not defined’.

It seems like the wix-powered website cannot bring variables made by chrome extension, such as metamask.

I think I missing something, but how can my website use or import the variables of the explorer?

You might consider using the Wix Custom Element where you can implement custom code that can access these variable.

You might also want to consider installing the web3 nodeJS package: