Index Page maps to Dynamic pages in preview, but not live

My dynamic pages are accessible through my index page when I preview, but not on my site.

Hi Brooke,

Do you mean you’re not seeing them on the menu?
If so - site menu does not show dynamic pages (yet :slight_smile: ). you can submit a feature request for that.
Meanwhile, note that you can use buttons and link them to a dynamic page.
Also, you can use Dropdown or a combinations as DropDown + Button to navigate to a dynamic page using .
For example, you can have a Drop down that is connected to the dynamic page collection and is showing the list of available pages, then, upon change (or button click), use
Something like that:

$w("#myElement").onChange( (event, $w) => { 
    let newValue =; // "new value"'/pagesPrefix/' + newValue); //whatever prefix you use

Hope this helps,

No, I mean it doesn’t work, period. Check it out: You’ll notice the grid on the top works and the one at the bottom doesn’t. When I preview it in my editor both work. I’ve tried deleting all and redoing it and reimporting. I can’t figure out why one works and not the other.

So few things I’ve noticed:

First of all, I get this console error:

And as expected, see permissions:

Seems like anyway the table is connect to ‘Pericular’ dataset, which is connected to ‘Pericular’ database.
The database only have info in it’s ‘Sandbox mode’, you need to sync it to live database - see here how.

Hope this helps,


Thank you! It works!