Inserting animation into site from source code

Hi guys,

I’m looking to add a typical “scroll down” button leading to an anchor further down the page. Rather than just having a static arrow, though, I’d like to have an animated one on the page, and have found one that I really like here:

Despite all (novice) attempts on my part to implement this animation from the code, I’ve failed to do so. My knowledge of coding is limited, but I was wondering if there was something I’d overlooked that you guys might be able to help me with.

Many thanks,


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Please start from reading the following articles that will help you start working with Corvid:

All code in Wix Corvid is Javascript, however you don’t have access to the DOM so that you can’t break anything. You can add HTML into your site, however it has to be either through an HtmlComponent (iframe) on your page, the use of tracking and analytics, or the new Custom Element .