Integrate Code in Footer

How can I integrate a Link from Amazon in the body of my footer, please?
I set up a HTML frame in the footer but is not working like that because have to be in the body of my footer.
Can someone help me please?
Thank you

How did you setup the html frame ?
Can you please share the code ?

Hi Roi,

I’ve got a frame with the HTML app and installed in my footer, then press option “CODE” and then paste in inside, but is not working because in Amazon told me that it has to be in the body of the footer. Is about OneLink of
Thank you Roi

Please review this article . Note that this feature is not yet available to all users. For further questions regarding this matter, please contact Wix support team .

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Thank you very much for your help, but I’m not sure about that because I was reading the article and there don’t say anything about the footer. There just offered Head and body of the website but not in the footer.
Thank you


I have a problem with footer desing. I can’t change footer design. Even though I click on it, the desing box does not appear. Thanks for the answer, Have a nice day, Adam

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If you have issues with your footer in the Wix Editor then you are best suited going through Wix Support for more help.