Integrating Microsoft Office 365?


I’ve read a few articles online about integrating Microsoft Office 365 with my Wix website but I’m now confused as to whether it is still possible. Ideally I’d like to create an online ‘annotator’ page/area where we can edit documents uploaded to the website (so it’s on the business account). I don’t want staff to have to save the document to their personal accounts.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Or can anyone recommend an alternative annotator?

Thank you.

Wix is probably the most user-friendly constructor I’ve used.

To integrate Office 365 with your Wix website, you can create a page or area where you and your staff can edit documents without saving them to personal accounts. This way, everything stays organized in your business account and accessible to everyone who needs it. One option is to use the Microsoft Office 365 API or Microsoft Graph API. These APIs allow you to interact with Office 365 applications and incorporate their functionality into your website. With a bit of setup, you can create a seamless editing experience for your team members, right from your Wix site. If you’re not familiar with APIs or need some help setting it up, I suggest reaching out to a Microsoft cybersecurity architect expert. They can guide you through the process and even suggest alternative options if needed.

I think direct integration for document editing within Wix isn’t available, but you can consider using Microsoft Teams or OneDrive embedded viewers for document viewing/annotation within Wix.