Integration between Wix Studio Dashboard and Agency-Website

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Integration between Wix Studio Dashboard and Agency-Website

Do you have a current workaround that you’re using?
No, not yet

I am currently implementing all new customer projects with the Wix Studio Editor. Before I did this with Wordpress. My agency website is also a WordPress website.

I would like to rebuild my agency page with Wix and assign it to the workspace. However, it is currently only possible to assign these in the same way as a customer website. All contact requests, quotes and invoices are not linked between the Studio Dashboard and my agency website.

Is it possible to integrate this full into the agency workspace? Otherwise it makes no sense… Are there any additional benefits if your own agency site is hosted on Wix - just like with other providers?

How will this impact you?
If it works, I would only use Wix for customer projects from then on

Thanks in advance!

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