Integrating Monotype Fonts

Based on posts I’m seeing regarding Adobe fonts, I’m guessing the answer is ‘no’, but…

I’d like to use some fonts purchased from Monotype. However, the Monotype web font license requires that I add specific code to the site to implement the fonts and to ensure license compliance. Is there a mechanism for doing this?

When I use them, or MyFonts or another service, I always ID which site the OTF or TTF font file is being used at. IF I use the font again at another site, that requires a second licensing, which I usually have my clients pay for.

Thx, @teejay . But the myFont / Monotype license requires the installation of code on your site – how are you doing that? Or are you ignoring that requirement? I have no intention of using the font beyond the rights I’ve purchased, but I want to be sure that I’m in technical compliance. FYI, I’ve put the question to myFont support, too.

@teejay , I should add: I’m new to this, so maybe I’m misunderstanding something. Up to now, I’ve used the included Editor X fonts and free Google fonts, but I want to go beyond that. I’ve reviewed the licensing / pricing for myFont / Monotype fonts, and they seem to require the installation of code that permits counting page views for licensing compliance. That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

If you use WebFonts at a service that is usually script or css driven, but in Wix’s case we upload any OTF or TTF file. So I purchase those. I have actually been notified of a violation before, but share with them the multiple purchases. You may want to inquire with the service’s customer support and mention Wix. There are aware of the needs to utilize OTFs and can provide you a solution that should bring comfort to your concerns for use violations.

Thx @teejay . That’s exactly what I’ve done – posted a message to myFonts specifically asking how to handle their requirements with Editor X. I’ll report back what (if anything) I hear back from that.

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Good luck! It is amazing how many fonts are available to us these days. I was around when just 8 were.

The answer from myFonts support is negative. Here’s what they wrote in response to my query about using their fonts on an Editor X website:

“Unfortunately, we do not offer any licenses that are compatible with Wix platform as the system actually takes a desktop font, uploads it, and converts it, which is against our EULA. You may contact them to get more information on whether they accept the files we provide.”

They went on to explain how their fonts are intended to work:

"When you purchase webfonts at MyFonts, you’ll be able to download a .zip file customized to include the fonts and CSS you’ll need to implement your fonts on your website. All of the webfonts available at MyFonts are self-hosted, meaning you’ll receive actual font files that you can host right on your own server, which will add to the speed and ease of use of your fonts!

"A purchase of webfonts will include:

"Your webfont in both WOFF and WOFF2 format

"A Starthere.html document which will allow you to test the font locally, as well as give you some tips about getting started!

"A CSS stylesheet you can use as is, or customize to your needs that will let you implement the fonts easily.

"An optional Wordpress plugin to make uploading your fonts to Wordpress even faster!

"We ask for your understanding!