Interactive Progress Bar

Hi, I’m very new to Wix and web design and need help! I’m trying to make a progress bar that members can update on their profile. I want the members to be able to set the total value as well as update their progress. I’ve figured out how to change the values myself but can’t figure out how to make it interactive to members.

I tried to write the code so that the ProgressBar target value = input1 (the field where members can enter a new goal) but that didn’t work.

Any ideas?

Where is your code?
Where is a pic of your setup?
How someone can help wihout knowing alsmost nothing about your project?

You could have just politely asked if I could share an image,

but alright…


Already have seen these posts?

Please take a look, on all the given posts which are related to → PROGRESS-BAR. Surely you will be able to find some interessting informations.

Also take a look onto the VELO-API…$w/progressbar

You could have just politely asked if I could share an image
It was a simple and normal question without any aggressions.

BTW.: It is not recommended to show —> CODE in a -->PIC.
Better you do it in a —> CODE-BLOCK …

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