Introducing Dayful by Wix!

Introducing Dayful by Wix!

A new all-in-one standalone business management platform that could be a great solution for clients or prospects that need a management tool, but don’t necessarily need a site.

Dayful can help your clients take bookings from any channel like Instagram & Facebook pages, Google business listings, and more.
It takes the hard work out of scheduling, payments and administrative tasks.


:heavy_check_mark: 24/7 bookings from any channel
:heavy_check_mark: Industry leading business calendar
:heavy_check_mark: Flexible payment options
:heavy_check_mark: Automated SMS & email reminders
:heavy_check_mark: Client & owner mobile apps

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Pretty nice!!!

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Nice. Although, this makes me a little fearful of Wix pricing in the future. Dayful is £44 a month for a medium plan against the current £230 a year for a Wix site with these features. I’m really hoping the sort of Dayful prices we see don’t make their way into the Wix Premium Plans or my clients will be priced out of using Wix. :\

I would say it is a mix of Branded App plan + Ascend Plan + Normal Site Plan (without Site Pages).

It allows you to embed everywhere, while normally you can’t embed sites to another place!