Partner Round Table: Introducing Branded App by Wix

This. Will. Be. Big.
July 27 @ 11:00 AM EST

Join us as we reveal the new revenue stream for your agency.

Branded App by Wix is a mobile app builder that allows you to create fully branded and custom apps for your clients.

Join us for a live demo with our Wix App team to learn how to build your clients an app for iOS and Android. See the app in action and have your burning questions answered in a live Q&A.

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I’m loving this! I can’t think of any other mainstream website provider that creates both websites and apps. If these are integrated so we can share information between the app and websites, then Wix has smashed it. I’m honestly blown away!


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If I understand correctly, that means that it will be possible to create an application for the customer that can be downloaded from the play store or the apple store? Is it this ?

What will be its advantage?
Because currently all websites are responsive web. The app for me is intrusive, it needs to be installed, requires permissions …

So I am interested in knowing if there will be more advantages than disadvantages

Sounds like you should tune in. We will be covering a lot of this. :slight_smile:

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Definitely worth tuning into the upcoming lives for this!

This is great but it’s going to be pretty limited and expensive at least starting out. $200 a month or $100 for pre-sale is a lot considering we can create apps on other platforms for a lot cheaper and actually design our own app. Its great because it’s the same platform as our sites but
this is basically just the Wix spaces app with our branding and all we can really do is add links, photos and video. I would use it to create a dashboard for my clients but it’s not possible and it doesn’t seem to connect to content from our sites.

But this is just the start of something great! Hopefully we see more functionality, but im know sure about price.

You can see what it looks like by going to settings > communications > branded app.


I think this is the majority feedback from the community. I wrote a longer post the other day, but you seem to have summed it up a lot shorter :sweat_smile:.

At the moment, it feels like we are paying $200 a month to remove Spaces branding.

I’m also hoping for more functionality and to be able to have more control over the design. A roadmap for planned features would be pretty cool


Absolutely agree. It’s a great start but pricing is a hard sell.


@Shane So, before the live, I would have completely agreed with you. But seeing the roadmap allows me to tell my clients ‘Hey, so you can have a branded app, there are limitations at the moment, but new features are coming!’. And then I can explain the features

I agree I just believe they should offer a basic level for none sales sites/not-for-profit communities. The difficulty here is currency conversion to AUD occasionally it drops to 60 cents to the dollar. Add on wix web and Assend and the to add fee for updates etc it starts to only affordable for top tier client’s which I understand but the beauty with wix was its affordability for small to medium business so why not add a cheaper option they would make a fortune on top of the current price. I still think it’s great though.


@Shane I could see that working.

I’m kinda looking at it from the view now, that if a business can’t afford $200US/month then do they actually need an app. What benefit would that bring them? Will they get enough monthly visitors to the app to justify it?

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It makes sense the current Spaces by Wix users of the site to be redirected to the new Branded App.

If there is more analytics, number of users, their activities plus to have internal browser so that users are not leaving the app - than it will justify high price. The internal browser needs to run the wix velo code. So, if the branded app is offering a lot more, I guess most of the users will accept $50 per month but $100 or even $200 is way expensive.

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$200 for a fully developed branded app with the extensive feature list WIX brings to the table is NOTHING compared to what it would cost to develop your own and handle ongoing updates and patches.

It’s a STEAL. This can help you level up your agency and start making serious money.

What Brett said is true. I would have agreed with you a week or so ago, but actually hearing from the Wix team about upcoming features totally change the way I was looking at it.

(Plus if your business can’t afford the branded app, there is a strong chance that you don’t actually need a branded app in the first place. Build your business to the point that it needs the app and then you’ll be able to afford it)

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I agree. My comments are based around feedback from potential client’s also based around my original reason for choosing Wix as a platform to start with. I have been into computers and tech since it came out. Always tried to learn coding etc since the web start and when the iPhone came out I so wanted to make so many apps but never understood why I found it so difficult until I realised I was dyslexic. This has never been an issue with anything as most things just take longer but coding and dyslexia do not work. Which is why I am a photographer/videographer. So when I found Wix It gave me and other content creators the ability to create websites without coding for free as a way to put your toe in the water. Once you gained confidence you invested time into learning more and seeing the value in what you created. Next thing you purchase premium sites and after not too long you are creating sites for multiple businesses and helping them through the same skepticism you had to start with. Then you add ascend which starts softly as well. I believe Wix nailed it with this model was a great way for people to show small business a way to grow without too much risk before feeling comfortable with the full investment and dive in all the way. I am hoping they can come up with a similar model for mobile apps. You guys are doing an amazing job and I get excited with every update. Thanks for make it easy.

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To answer your question, Yes this would allow you to create a white labeled ios and droid app.
To answer the second part, it’s all about the business needs and what systems serve what purposes. A business could use an app to reach customers directly with push notifications, for sales, updates and all communications, an additional source of revenue, im sure at some point in time you’ve downloaded hey businesses app from the App Store if you regularly connect with that business be at for shopping mailing newsletters all these type of services and to top it off it’s already going to be connected with the Wix platform so whatever services your business is run some bookings Events taking all that can be done directly through an app. it all depends on the business.
Hope i’ve Helped

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Hi @noahlovell in my opinion i don’t believe that a roadmap overshadows the current pricing. As a customer and a developer, i would wait a few years for better features like Free Script/Code pages, different app layouts other than the replica of spaces, an integrated automatic loyalty rewards system, that could track app usage to reward active users for engaging in the app automatically, geo location automations, integration with other systems or services separate from wix and more app specific features to balance the cost. @Shane So is correct $200 monthly or $2,400 annually to remove the Wix Branding, $100 annually investment to apple $25 to google, still need an site and domain with wix thats average $400 a year, have to upgrade ascend because well duh and that’s another $300 a year not to include other expenses.


@brett I have developed several applications in Wix Velo and they are not visible in Spaces. Also other web pages are not shown. Yes, there is Blog, Forum, Bookings etc that are well covered in the Wix App though. But without some of the web pages, Branded App is not telling the full company story.

I am not saying Branded App to be free. I am saying that for that amount of money, there should be more value provided. This is my impression and the market might prove me being wrong.

Perhaps I will be among the first adopters that will get Branded App but the decision will not be business-wise driven, for sure.

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