Introducing Wix Search API

I am happy to introduce you the first release of Wix Search API for Corvid. It allows you to unleash your full creative potential when building search experience for your users. Use your own search input, layout results in a repeater, display them in a table. Want to create custom search for Stores products or Blog posts only? No problem.

This is just the beginning. In the coming weeks we plan to add more capabilities to the API. Have something specific in mind? Don’t hesitate to share!

You can find full API documentation here:


Are you able to search databases and dynamic pages as well?

Hey @patrick ,
User-generated database collections and dynamic pages are not currently supported but the plan is to eventually include them. We’ll keep you posted!

Great start! Are there plans to include the Wix FAQ app in the API? This would be very useful, as the current FAQ search is standalone and a bit obscure to use. Thanks.

@talyaro Please add in document object result the Slug for dynamic pages :pray:t2: