Is anyone having loading issues with their Editor X site?

My site has been intermittently down, usually in the evenings (10pm-2am) I’ve been getting the run around for the last week from Wix support, and was told I might get help here from someone who is also having the same issues.

What has been happening for the last few days is the site just loads a black page only. Then tonight it’s loading the site, but won’t load the images on our library page (paid area). And I get the messages "Waiting for" "Waiting for" and "Waiting for" in the bottom left corner. So I’ve changed nothing on my end. No new code… Nothing. I have 1,000+ members from all over the world and have had reports from some members experiencing the same thing. Many of them programmers/developers/engineers that can’t figure out what’s going on either.

Are you experiencing these issues with your site(s)?
Do you have any idea of what the issue could be / how large of an issue this is?

I’d love to know how long I’m looking at (are my paying customers going to be out a week?.. I’d like to be able to communicate with them what’s going on. I don’t like leaving customers in the dark longer than a 1/2 day).

Thanks for any input!

Hey @rc-powers

When did it first start? I can’t load these sites in special but they don’t seem to have content in it - do you have issues with any other Editor X sites?

It started on May 27th at about 10pm at night. It’s been happening every night since then. It will be different issues each time. It gets worse with refreshing, then better with refreshing. Same with caching. Sometimes black pages that load nothing, sometimes half the site loads. And members from around the world are reporting the same issues.


I did not experience this issue personally , however earlier this week I got a message from someone who had a similar issue when opening my Editor X website. Next day the issue was gone. I do not know on what scale these intermittent loading issues occur.

Do you have additional sites from these other people you’re seeing reports? As @info87066 mentioned - it could be a one-off and to distill your case a bit better, I’d advise reaching out to our support team so they can investigate it for you.

@eduardog I’m a business owner not a developer. The people using my site are customers from my membership. The problems seem to be happening at night from around 9pm to 3am+ Pacific Time every night this week since May 27th. By the time I wake up, the site is working again. My customers’ reports are from those same times. I have been contacting support through chat and they escalated my case, but I’ve gotten no response for about a week… So I’ve been going to Wix chat to keep giving them screen shots and to see if I can get a SCRAP of an answer of how long this will take to solve. And then in chat they haven’t been willing to troubleshoot the issue with me, so that has been very frustrating. I’m trying to get more communication so I’m not in the dark and my customers are not in the dark. This morning is the first morning that support actually emailed. All they said is that they are still working on it. Which is honestly nice to hear… It’s at least something.

Here’s the analogy of what it feels like from my perspective. Let’s say that my power is out at my house. Me as a customer wants to know from the power company if it’s just my house, all the houses on my street, my whole neighborhood, or the whole power grid. That would give me an idea of how long of a wait I’m looking at to solve this problem. Frankly, I probably know a lot more than even I realize about the problem and troubleshooting WITH me would probably save the team time.

I’ve already heard from several other Editor X users that they are experiencing the same intermittent problems, so I know that it’s “not just my house”.

I’ve been with the old Wix for quite a few years now and NEVER experienced problems. Since I’ve been with Editor X, it’s been very much like being back on Wordpress. I’m definitely considering recreating my site back on the old Wix.

Yes that’s very much what I’m experiencing. If you end up staying up late and checking your site, let me know if you have any intermittent slow / not loading issues. Thanks!

One of my EditorX websites (Premium) stopped loading entirely ca 2 hours ago. This refers to the editor, not the published site.

I waited for at least 30 minutes and am still trying without success.

  • Checked internet connection: ok (100 mb download)
  • Rebooted Macbook Air M1
  • Tried to load from fast Windows 10 PC
  • Logged out of Wix and in again
  • Tried to load as different team member

I actually need this back urgently.

Please log a ticket with our support team so they can investigate this for you -

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@eduardog I’ve been experiencing similar issues before as well. Shared those already with @rc-powers .

I believe it’s part of your content delivery network (CDN) which fails to provide instant delivery of content. For me it’s that often causes issues. A refresh often ‘resolves’ my issue - for me this is somewhat acceptable as I save all user data in the session and reload it on a refresh.

Because @rc-powers talked about Pacific in her posts, I just Googled around a bit and found the following:

  1. hosts and delivers mostly JS & font files
    :x: Blocked in China

  2. hosts and delivers HTML plain text related to plugins and APIs
    :warning: Not blocked, but slow in China

  3. hosts and delivers media assets like images
    :warning: Not blocked, but slow in China

  4. hosts & delivers a number of scripts and font files
    :warning: Not blocked, but slow in China


Support won’t be able to help out here: your infra team needs to do some checking for @rc-powers I think.

Thank you for this @vervoortyves ! This explains a lot!

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So I heard back from Wix Support… They let me know that any page with Velo code automatically turns off caching for that page. And if you have a 3rd part custom code like I do, that that would turn off caching for all the site.

In theory, if the saved cache would load up enough drama to make the CDN mad, then I guess this could cause these kinds of issues? I don’t know enough about the interwebs interactions like this, so I’ll have to do more research.

So for now I’m going to be turning on cache clearing manually for my site pages, and then testing this theory, and I’ll let you know how it goes.
Any thoughts are welcome while I do my testing.


I personally have not been recently, but have been in the past.

More reasons on why the EditorX community deserve their right to export websites on offsite hosts.

Just an update here. Manually caching changed nothing on the site. The images are still not loading to the repeater, so I had to completely change our entire Library Page to use Wix Pro Gallery. For some reason it accepts using the images there but not through repeaters.

ALSO super fun side effect of all this random Editor X chaos, EVERY LINK on our site stopped being connected. All of them. So right now I’m reconnecting all the random links around our site. And I haven’t even touched those pages or the linked pages in months.

What a nightmare.

I can see I’m not the only one having these kinds of issues. What would cause all this random stuff to not work on the website?

Is there a way to mark our images and videos as cacheable to our CDN (Cloudfront)

Currently CDN Support is a feature request that can be voted on here .