Is Embedding HTTP instead of HTTPS through any means possible?

I’m looking to create a website for a cemetery and this involves embedding an HTTP website into Wix. Here is the link: http://roywalton.cDELETE THISom/eagle/bemap.htm
Is there any way to get this in? I’ve looked at forms for solutions that don’t seem to work. Including the code attached below. Does this work?

Additionally, I saw something about changing your web site’s privacy and it will work, how do I do that? Thanks!

HTTP pages cannot be embedded within a secure HTTPS site
You will have to cancel your security certificate from your site in the past it was a manual option to cancel, now I do not find it if I understand correctly this option has been canceled and it is probably only possible with a special request for support
But please note this is a significant drawback for your site when it comes to HTTP

I had the SSL issue on my site too but thankfully http to https issue was resolved with the help of support.