Is full screen horizontal section possible when using a vertical section?

I have a page that I set up with two vertical sections (one on each side) and a few vertical sections in the middle, one on top of the other.
Wondering if I can make one of the horizontal sections set to full-screen? (the footer for example)
If not, is there a wrokaround?
I tried the following workaround: on the vertical section I created a container set to 100vw, and set up the vertical section to “show” overflow content. But it wouldn’t work because the container is stuck to the right and I can’t align it to the center of the section for some reason.

Work with a negative left margin, on that selected content show here, that equates to width of the left column. That should work.

Your will have to work with percentages though so that you can cover the vw properties.

Thanks! I’ll do that