is it possible to add files to a wix database using "http-functions.js" to add files to a database row when receiving a POST request?

I have created a database on Wix which has text columns and also one column to store images, and one for files.
I saw that wix supports the possibility to create backend functions that make it possible to add elements to a database when receiving http calls such as POST and GET.
I would like to create a new row in the database once a POST request is received with a pdf file (for example) and some images (and store these files in the database).
Does Wix support this use-case?

Thank you for your support

Yup. Its possible if you use the GET, POST functions as you mentioned .

Easier if you enable it with tools like zapier, integromat to make it simpler.

Thanks for the reply,
I have indeed tried the http-functions and have been able to post text columns into the DB but have not had any luck with files.
To make sure that I was not writing bad code, i have tried using Postman to send a pdf file into the collection and receive as a response Json error, category USER.
i am curious to what kind of code i need in my server to make the POST of files and images work.