Is there a reason why I cant configure its layout/position via the inspector?

As you can see, I’m in the Product Page. When I select the Product widget, I can’t configure its layout/position via the inspector. I can’t unstretch the widget nor can I move it around and add margins & docking.

Also, the live site looks different than the editor. For example, the fonts, button, and etc. Is there a reason why it’s like that?

Hi morimori,

I’m having trouble recreating the issue you’re experiencing; I am able to edit docking and margins for the product widget. Has the issue resolved itself?

Hi Ezra,
Thank you for the reply! The issue is still not resolved. I tried logging out and in. That didn’t work. I’ve already reinstalled wix store. The issue was there before I reinstalled. Should I try reinstalling again? It was like that when I first started editor x.

I just created a new site and there’s no issue there. The only downside is that I would have to start all over again. It’s weird how this is happening. I should probably start over again right? haha. :joy:

Ugg, that sucks! Yes, I can think of no other solution except starting over… Wix might be able to do something but if you already tried what they suggested than you’re probably not in luck. If you do end up starting over, try using the design save feature to make your job easier!

Good luck!!