Is there a Session Storage Limit?

Today when I was experimenting with some usage of the Storage API and the Session Storage I got an error saying “There is a limit of 50 kilobytes”. What does this mean? What I have learned in development in other platforms this limit is calculated depending on clients machines not something I can setup.

In this some kind of limit setup by Wix?

Hi Andreas,

I am checking and will reply once I have info.


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Any news here? I still get the error
An error occurred in one of datasetReady callbacks Error: QuotaExceededError - app storage limit is 50kb
When trying to use session storage on my project. There should not be a 50kb limit on clients session storage. Depending on your browser, it could have limits

Hi, is there any update on this as I am getting the same error!

@patrick I tried using different browsers, but I am still getting that error.

Hi everyone,
Here are the current limits:

  • local/session storage limit: 50KB

  • memory storage limit: 1MB

We’ve also recently updated the error messages to avoid any confusion. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention.