Issue with breakpoint range

In Editor X, I am using the 3 default breakpoints for viewports:

  • 1001 & up
  • 751 to 1000
  • 320 to 750
    When I am shrinking the page with the resize handles and the handles reaching 1014px the look of my page ist shifting from “1001 & up”-breakpoint to the “751 to 1000”-breakpoint (for example the menu is disappearing and the hamburger menu pops up). But only the look is shifting and the button for the “1001 & up”-breakpoint stays selected in blue. The look of the grid is shifting from 2x1 to 1x2 but when I try to adjust the grid at 1014px, the2x1 option is still selected in the “Adjust Grid”-window. Why does the look of my page shift even I didn’t reach the breakpoint?

Thanks for your answers.

You will need to make sure, nothing is a fixed or something that exceeds the space allotted for it. What shifts? Take a before and after the shift screen shot to see if I can help.

Thanks a lot for your help!

The appearance of the homepage is shifting from the first picture to the second. Then it looks like it is in tablet mode but it’s not. In tablet mode I set the grid layout to 1x2 but you can see in the image below that it is still on 2x1. Therefore I can’t adjust the position for example of the title/text because it would change the position in the first picture too. And today I recognized that some how this is only happening on my imac and not on my macbook.

So the transition from photo 1 to photo 2 causes the menu to go from desktop to table mode?

Where is the white panel for the second image?

The shrinking from 1016px to 1015px causes the transition from photo 1 to photo 2.

This is at 1000px (breakpoint for tablet):

Why is there a transition between 1001px and 1015px?

Clicking on the three dots for breakpoints:

In the layers select the PAGE, then click on the three dots and show me your break point list


In the layers select the image or gallery, which ever is hosting the photo itself, then click on the three dots and show me your break point list

Some where on your page an element is being assigned a different breakpoint. Your page follows the break points where your menu changes as you enter the tablet. However, one your elements is entering the mobile layer sooner (or simply at the wrong time.)

I once had 5 break points for a container that had a very fussy design, while the site general break points remained at a default.

I think I am understanding what you mean, but somehow this problem doesn’t occur on my laptop (mac book). But if this occurs on my iMac it can happen for other people too.

But thanks again for helping. Drives me crazy : D

Ok same problem occurs with a brand-new page. Menu is shifting at 1015px instead of 1001px, but PC-Icon (for breakpoint 1001 and up) stays blue:

I am not getting that error. But again, you can select the menu item in this case and change it’s own break points that are separate from the page’s break points.

Here is my proof of the of the 1015 break point issue not happening. I am thinking it may be a screen resolution issue or something that is different?

Here is the menu at 1001px

Here is the menu at 1000px

Here is an example of how the menu has a different break point than the page. Menu break point first

Checking the page break points shows that the page’s has not been affected

I am doing a very creative site right now and I must have 6 sets of varying break point, some having 5 break point view ports. Crazy fun, but yeah it is work.

I tried custom breakpoints. It always adds a few Pixel : D.

Thanks mate for trying!

I try to contact the support.