Issue with members area pages (also effecting datasets)

Hi All,

Firstly just want to say what a great product Editor X is - I’m so impressed with its flexibility and ease of use. Unfortunately I’ve had this recurring issue for a few weeks now and it’s got me on the verge of recreating the entire site in the standard editor.

I’ve had a members area on my site since I first started creating it about 6 weeks ago, a couple of weeks ago I wanted to explore Wix Forum so added it - after looking I decided it wasn’t for me so removed it from the site; that caused these issues to start.

To begin with it removed the members area altogether - then when I was able get this back the “My Account” page was back but it quickly disappears every time I load up the editor, I have to hit “undo” to get it to return. This was a fine workaround however it now cause all datasets to become invisible across the site (meaning I have to choose between not having a members area or not having datasets).

I’ve contacted support about this a number of times but the only solution for the members area issue was to duplicate the site and now the issue is back.

Previously clearing cache & cookies (or opening an incognito tab) would solve the dataset disappearing issue but that’s now stopped too.

Just wondering if anyone has found issues like this and if anyone has found a workaround? It’s delaying progress on my site so much that I think I might have to leave Editor X behind until it’s out of beta mode, which would be hugely disappointing.

Thanks in advance!