Issues on Site Roles

Just ended a conversation with Wix Support that mention that what I ask for can be developed with velo. Yet, I haven’t found nothing similar to it.

Here it goes…

On Wix bookings you can assign a team member to a booking.
For doing so, you need to add up that team member as a site collaborator.
By doing so, you should assign some roles and permissions.
The most limited role takes control over the whole Calendar.

Issue: ANY member can alter ANY calendar (theirs and others) and this can end up in serious discussions within team members.

What I am looking for:
To restrict this permission just to each members calendar.

Any ideas?
Thank you!!!

Oh nice to see you here again :grin:Saludos a Madrid

There are several ways of how to restrict or assign/apply permissions for members.
Members have → IDs
Member have → EMAILS
You can assign ROLES for each MEMBER → MEMBER can have ROLES
You can assign multiple-BADGES for each MEMBER → MEMBER can have BADGES.

You can use the wix-out of the box Permission-Matrix to setup all permission for each PAGE, of each MEMBER.

Furthermore you can code your own PERMISSIONS & RESTRICTIONS.
You also can generate PERMISSION-LEVELs for MEMBER-GROUPS and so on…

Wix-Permission-Matrix: example…

Never worked with wix-calendar and do not know exactly how looks like its setup, but you will find here some examples… for restrictions and permissions (Badges & Roles).

I already disccussed in several posts about this options and about my created Login-System (which is till not complete btw: :sweat_smile:, i should continue my work on it :sweat_smile:)

Try to find all of my posts, which handles this topic.

Do you already have created/defined some roles and badges?

What I am looking for:

To restrict this permission just to each members calendar.

How do look like → “each members calendar” ?
How to imagine your setup?