Items moving after publishing??

Ongoing issue…

I’ll be working on a site, have things aligned perfectly, publish it…come back a few days later, things will have shifted, ie a strip will move up the page to cover part of n accordion. So I’ll have to go through 20+ pages and make sure nothing else has moved. The client experiences the same issue.

Who else has this issue? It’s extremely frustrating!!!


Hey James! Sorry to hear that :frowning: You can restore your saved version and also follow the steps for saving issues .

EVERY time I edit the site??! That’s insane

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Of course not :wink: Only you have issues.

I’ve been having the same issues. And no, reverting to a previously saved version is not an acceptable solution.

I’ve been having the same issues. Seems to happen only with sites that I collaborate with others. (and they do NOT change the spacing.) Sites that only I work on do not seem to have that issue.

Hi there, have you reported this to our customer care team?

@stevenjose I haven’t reported it. Just jumped aboard the forum. What’s the best way to report issues?

I have reported SO MANY issues such as this, and many others. They all go in a round circle to no where unfortunately. I get the same response in the end “we can’t recreate the issue” “its a local only issue” " clear your cookies" etc

I feel your pain! I have had alot of downtime lately with bugs in the editor.