Editor X Designer and Preview/Published aren't looking the same!

Hey there ! I’m building a website for my client and what i’ve designed in Editor X doesn’t look the same at all on the preview and published site, it’s a nightmare… the anatomy is good tho, there is no issues and i’ve used some pre-made compositions to make sure everything is in place and it’s still glitching… can someone help me ?

Can you provide some specifics? Your post is too vague to give you any useful diagnosis. All I can say is, ‘Well, that doesn’t happen to me.’ But maybe if I knew what exactly was going wrong, I could say, ‘Oh, yes, that happens when you…’

Hi Jim ! Thanks for your response, sure i can be more specific !
This is happening especially with my hero header, the layout and styling isn’t the same, here’s some pictures, i also have a problem when i stack some elements (title + line + text) they tend to disappear on preview for no reasons…

@sarahrahmani2009 , is the first screenshot from the Editor and the second shot from Live / Preview? FYI, note that I see an odd artifact when I view the live site on my large monitor – it disappears when I narrow the viewport. Any idea what that represents?

How have you defined the area with the photo, text, and button? Is that a single container? Are all those objects attached to the container? How are they docked? I assume that the photo is directly inserted? Or is it connected to a collection? How have you defined its dimensions and docking?

Another clue: This problem seems to be viewport-dependent. When I narrow the viewport, I see the site properly:

When I widen the viewport, there’s a point (around 1325px width) where these issues suddenly appear.

Sarah, in the Editor, can you widen the viewport enough for the problem to appear – since that’s what I’m seeing in the live site? If necessary, zoom out to give yourself more space. If that does cause the problem to appear in the Editor, I’d suggest selecting the photo in the Layers panel to see what’s happening to it.

Thank you so much Jim !! It’s working finally, looks like i was working on the wrong breakpoint

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Thanks for the update, Sarah! Site looks nice, by the way.

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