I've just about had enough of this now

I woke up the other day to my site’s menu not working. Again.
I have raised a ticket but heard nothing. The menu doesn’t work at desktop unless I refresh the page and on mobile the icon is all of a sudden set to 0%, if I select it in the layers palette I can change it back to the size I want but I can’t directly select twitch the cursor to move it to the position it should be in. Once published the mobile menu opens but once its closed the icon disappears alltogether .

The menu has been inconsistently working/not working for months and I’ve just about had enough. I’m paying to host my site on this piece of junk and I want it fixed NOW.

Warning to anyone thinking of launching a site in EditorX in its current state - just don’t do it!

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Thank you for the warning about Editor X.
I have already been hesitant to use, but this helps confirm my decision.

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It’ll be great when the bugs are ironed out but They really should not be charging to host sites on something that is currently as unstable As this.

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YES!! I totally agree! Their approach is extremely frustrating!! :rage:

I have been using the original WIX Editor for a couple of YEARS now, and have yet to make my website public. Why? I am embarrassed by the way it appears and functions due to their neglect of making responsive elements (and contrary to what they originally promised.)

In addition, WIX has launched several features that were not fully complete, rigorously tested, nor checked for errors. I accuse them of being “trigger happy” - inclined to shoot before clearly identifying the target.

What I mean by this is… they get too excited about launching a new product before it is ready to be launched. Yet they advertise it as though it’s the greatest thing to use. It’s false advertisement.

Believe it or not, I am routing for WIX to succeed… I really am. But I’ve been disappointed with their integrity and false claims, and here it seems that you are too. That’s a shame.

I am hoping that the WIX team of experts and developers will change their methods for the betterment of ALL their customers - those using WIX Editor AND Editor X.

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Sorry! Please forgive the misspell… :grimacing:

I am rooting for WIX to succeed.

UPDATE on this… Support got back to me and gave me a workaround for the page loading issue that works just fine. It meant deleting and rebuilding the Pro gallery on the home page which was annoying but it worked so that was a relief. They assure me devs are working to fix this.

I also found out why the menu was not functioning properly on mobile. Somehow the icon had got set to 0% height. I’m guessing this happened around the time of an earlier issue where the header and footer suddenly appeared in the middle of the page rather than the top/bottom, an issue that appeared to be fixed quite quickly.

The icon was set to the right width and this was enough to display it within the header but its container, being set to 0% height meant it couldn’t be selected and caused it to disappear all together on ‘close’.

Resetting both height and width set pixel values sorted the problem out although it took me a while to realise that was the problem as the icon was visible and kind of functioning inspite of the 0% setting.

I now feel my site is functioning as I expect and feel satisfied that I can now concentrate on refining the design and UX.


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I’ve always had rather low expectations of the Wix Editor and as such I haven’t really been disappointed. After struggling for years with junk like Adobe Muse, Wix was a breath of fresh air. I have launched a number of sites using Wix and while they aren’t ‘great’ they are good enough and my clients were happy.

Editor X should and WILL be brilliant. I absolutely love its usability and I’m impressed by what they are trying to achieve, Its just that some of the basics don’t work properly. There is a slight overselling of Editor X’s capabilities at the moment like you say.

I’m not sure how they decide to prioritise fixing bugs but the fact anchors still don’t work correctly is annoying. I guess if I’m the only person bothered by this, it will be at the bottom of the list…

It could also be that I’m the only person anchors aren’t working for. It seems that some of the bugs are specific to my site and I suspect they are context specific and will be ironed out over time. Editor X is still in Beta after all.

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Happy for you, congrats!
Yet again… no excuse for “basics” not working after a boasted advertisement.
TEST rigorously and CHECK for errors BEFORE launching.