Editor X: Feedback? What have you built?

What is your feedback? Have you built anything, if so, maybe you want to show us? What is your favorite feature so far? SPILL IT! :slight_smile:


I am loving Editor X so far! I will continue to add my findings on this thread, along with favourite features and of course creations as I go, however…so far I am loving the ability to preview the site on common devices (iPhone 8, Samsung S9, iPad etc). This is super useful and saves me from using Chrome Inspector mode. Thank you so much!! I’ll be back with more :joy::black_heart:

Thank you @brett , community team and the Editor X team at Wix for bringing this together for us to test. Super excited.


I haven’t finished a sample site yet, but my favorite features are 1) focal points, 2)the ability to mange margins as VW/VH, 3) allowing any element to become an anchor. Still lots to learn so I am sure I will find much more…and things a would like to see that are not yet part of editor X (one of which are the ability to use the “new” buttons…hint hint hint)


Incredible - keep the feedback coming!

Need the ability to assign pages to different menus. I want to be able to split my menu to go around my logo. I can’t hide pages from my “main” menu.

I believe this can be done with a Masters.



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Nice, thanks! James get to reading! :slight_smile:

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Hi there!

I’ve been trying Editor X for some hours now and I must say, it’ s love at first sight!
I feel like a kid being put in a huge candystore… :slight_smile:

So much to discover, so many things to try…

Editor X will be a gamechanger for sure!!!

First question… The parallax scroll behaviour doesn’t seem to work. Am I the only one having this problem? Or am I doing something wrong?

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No your not the only one, I have this issue too.

@websterdesign1 just checked. The parallax only works in published site, not in preview mode #editorxbug


@roberthamilton Strange… I tried in published site but it doesn’t do anything.
Reveal option does work though!

Still playing and loving it so far! Quick observation - I noticed there is no option to set the px width of a button border, color can be changed but it doesn’t show anything.

So I found it right after I posted. I had to start with a button preset that included the border - still cant change the px width though!

@janet Same problem here. Much of the functionality of the old editor is missing. If we want to use Editor X for commercial projects these need to be addressed.

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Most of the missing features are in the mobile. Still learning but editor x is dope at!!!



@brett , should we be sending feedback for every little thing? I don’t want to inundate the team there. I seem to be having more issues today than yesterday! (Not a complaint at all, just hoping to help :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Make a good compilation post :slight_smile:

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@brett I sent the last one via feedback in editor - will try to do that in future though!


I’ve spent this weekend on the tutorials & started a new website - love the features and the predesigned strips (sections) and thought I was on my way to getting a good start on my new site but have run into a few obstacles that I have been unable to overcome. 1. I add a few sections & customize content. Then without warning the top section somehow gets grouped into the main header & can’t be extracted or deleted. Still shows as a separate section in layers but can’t delete the section from there either. 2. Old content that I thought was deleted reappears underneath a section but I can’t grab it to delete bc the section retracts then expands over it again before I can select the element to delete. There doesn’t seem to be a way to see hidden items underneath others with right click like we have in the regular editor, 3. After working on placement of items I get that issue we have in the regular editor where an element - say a text box or button - is in one place but a transparent version of it is a distance away from the actual element so impossible to edit or grab the element. I believe this issue has been ongoing in regular editor so not sure if it’s the same thing. I sent in screenshots to WIX support so hopefully will get some feedback there. I watched every video for the inspector, docking, etc but still don’t understand how to set numbers for those bc I don’t know the context or layout boundaries for those numbers. Even so, I did troubleshoot and tried making adjustments there but no luck. Ended up starting over then had to trash the 2nd site when the header suddenly divided. 4. I added an anchor (which are not visible on the page as they are in regular editor) so not sure how I would account for those while designing a page. I added one, named it then it was gone when I clicked on that section later. 5. I get the stacking function but don’t see a way to unstack elements. I’m sure these issues are probably things I am overlooking but it seems the biggest issues for me surround how changing one thing with drag and drop automatically changes/moves several other elements and sections on the page without warning. I’m used to working primarily with visual drag and drop - I rarely use numeric settings. Very frustrated - have worked with WIX for 10 years & thought I could figure it out on my own but no progress :frowning: I will keep trying!

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