Just created a custom web form; can I test it before publishing it?

Hi, all.

Helping out a friend with their web site but am quite new at WIX. I created a custom web form that has 3 user input textboxes each of which is connected to a separate field (column) in a database.

When I click on [Preview], it looks great but I can’t type anything in the textboxes (they’re marked Required but are NOT marked Read only).

Can I test in Preview mode or do I first have to publish?

Thanks in advance for any insights.


Essentially you should be able to test the form in preview mode.
The other behavior of the input fields sounds strange (unless I understood you wrongly).
Please elaborate on the mentioned behavior and share a link to your editor page.

Note that only authorized personnel are able to enter the link and to inspect your site.


Hi, Doron.

To elaborate, when I click into the textboxes, it doesn’t do anything (e.g., I don’t see the cursor); in addition, it doesn’t allow me to enter anything into the textboxes.

As previously mentioned, the textboxes are marked Required ( but are NOT marked Read only).

This particular web page has its Permissions set to ‘Password Holders’; I set a password. When I Preview, I would expect WiX to prompt me for the password.



BTW, here’s the editor URL/link: https://editor.wix.com/html/editor/web/renderer/edit/8d7d0242-bb55-43c9-9ebd-33064ea734d2?metaSiteId=f4f43555-4847-4cc1-a33b-858cecdf927c&editorSessionId=3385E35B-77E6-4E39-B4AC-AA1C39889E21&referralInfo=my-account#


Change the setting of the dataset in your page to “write only”.
When the dataset is on “read-write” mode the fields will first try to find the data to populate themselves and since its a first time submission there is no such data, thus, making the input fields broken.


You, my friend, just gave me breakthrough.

(Wix, on the other hand, is non-intuitive WRT this issue. In all the other software development scenarios I’ve been in, read-write works with both entering new data as well as editing existing data.)