Landing Page Templates

For this #FeatureRequest, I think it would nice if there were page templates that I could use when added new pages to a site.

For instance, if a client wants a new landing page just to get subscribers or for like a contest, all I have to do is press add new page, select the style I want (get subscribers) and it will have the necessary form on it already and it designed using the default text/color scheme but just has a nice layout. The same as if I were to create a new site.

It would need to be able to work on sites that already exist. I know you can do this when making a new site but thats not really the point of it.

I hope this makes sense. It would make producing websites a lot quicker and easier for the less creative people (me lol).


Or the ability to save predefined strips to the editor across all sites. This would cut the initial setup time of new designs by alot. The ability to have a library of saved footers or testimonial sections, heros, blog layouts etc and just add it to any of the sites in my dashboard. You could even have premium predefined strips and charge for new designs or even have a marketplace people could submit elements to sell


Thanks for the feedback you two!

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Say how about live streaming video for Android’s!!! Im guessing the app can’t hold a stream without freezing up…

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