Large Issue with Velo Code

Currently from the looks of it all of our websites that have custom features built with velo code are not working because of some sort of bug on wix’s end. This started happing this morning and has yet to be resolved, just wanted to post and share what our issues are and wondering if anyone is experiencing the same thing.

All of our websites with code (or all pages with code) show this error in the console.

I am not sure what it means but it is the reason why the pages are not working on any of our sites.

If anybody else has info on this issue or is experiencing the same thing please share!

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I’m having the same issues across all of my sites. No code was updated or changed - it just all of a sudden started happening for live code. From the pages I’m seeing issues with it especially seems to be connected to databases? Like dynamic pages have issues, but some of my non-dynamic ones don’t. Very odd…

When this issue has happened to me previously, I was usually able to revert to an older version of the site and it would resolve, but that hasn’t been the case this time.

Seems like some changes inside API.
Which API has been used?

Only Wix can help here —> already opened a ticket ? (Wix-Customer-Care).

Same issue here. Was on the phone with support and they were trying to tell me they are not responsible for any user code issues, say what? ! It is a network issue on their side.

Its good to see this isnt just me i have been going crazy over my code. Wix need to seriously fix up im looking to leave, im paying them nearly 400 a month and they cant even let us know when they are causing the issue ive now lost maybe 600 in revenue this month since no functionality for 14 days