Let users update data in a collection

Hi! I am having an issue with my Wix site regarding members editing/updating their own content in a data collection using user input elements based off ownership. I have the dataset set to Read and Write, so the user has the ability to modify data, and I also have the Collection permissions set where only the Site Member Author can modify their own content. However, when using the user input elements on the page, the most recent data entry from the collection always defaults in my elements. This is confusing because I don’t want users to see other user’s data when they are trying to modify their own content, I want it to be blank. Picture below. Any ideas?

Hi there,

You probably need to set the the dataset mode to " Only Write " instead of " Read/Write ".

But if I do that, then it will create a new entry when it’s submitted. I do not want a new entry, I want to update an existing entry.

Were you able to resolve this issue?