Lets just say...

Somebody was to want to link between collections via a button on a repeater. How would you go about this with code if you wanted to have a user find other user input in another collection with the use of a button found in each post on the repeater when you cannot link more than one dataset in a repeater. Even being able to put the user ID in would be great so that I can link to another dynamic page with their profile on it.

I am struggling here - I know its code.



I’m not sure if I fully understand what it is you want, so I’ll just write out what I got from this.

You want a repeater filled with the contents of one Collection, but also include a button that when pressed will add the contents of another Collection to the repeater?

Not quite Simen - I want the button to connect to another page with content from another collection.

Thanks though

Does the elements that’s put into the repeater have the link that they’re linking to?

And do you use velo to add the data to the repeater, or the built in connections tool?

No that’s where I am having trouble Simen, I cant seem to input the link into the database to be used from another collection.