Lightbox display on home?

Is it possible to display a lightbox on my home page? On the trigger options, I have “on the first page a user visits,” but my home page isn’t checked in there.

Can you check the box next to Home Page? IF not, reset the trigger and then see if you can add the home page first.

No, I’m unable to check the box. After removing the triggers and enabling them again, I’m still unable to check it.

Try another new test lightbox and see if there is similar restriction. IF yes, duplicate your home page and retry. There is a bug some where.

I have the same problem. Tried everything, nothing helps.

@mschauer and @ligeo2k yes you should be able to assign a lightbox to your home page. Do you have more than one lightbox on your sites? If there is one already on the home page, it won’t let you assign another one. If you have more than one lightbox, try to ‘uncheck’ the home page box for any other lightbox.