Lightbox Popup

Hi! I’m trying to get a lighbox to pop up when the user scrolls past a specific anchor point. I feel like there is a simple solution to this but am having trouble. Can anybody help me with this?

Hi Anna

You’re right, there is quite a simple solution to this. You can use an anchor and add either the onViewPortEnter / onViewPortLeave event handlers to it depending on your preference, and then simply add this code in between the brackets:

import wixWindow from 'wix-window'; // add this to the top of your page
  wixWindow.openLightbox("LightboxName");      // add this in between the ancor's  curly brackets  

Best of luck!

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If you find that a lightbox ends up not working as well for your needs and you need a pinned container instead, I’d recommend using the viewportEnter/leave of some larger element in your page or you could purposefully place some invisible box/strip for this purpose. I find this much better if what you want is your container to pop up when you scroll to the bottom and back to the top of your page!

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Awesome, thank you both so much!

I tried this solution but when I preview the page and scroll past the anchor point nothing happens :frowning: … Is there anything specific I can do to troubleshoot?

Combine the given CODE by Tiaan and the knowledge which you can get in the following link…

Attention onto the red-line in the example! (it could also be an ANCHOR)!