Lightboxes / "Pop ups"

Hi everyone,

I’m newer to Wix and I’m trying to create (what I thought was) fairly simple.

On the page, I’d like to have a box pop up in the lower right corner, that contains text about registering to receive an ebook about the page you are on, and the link take you to the specific page.

I thought a lightbox would do the trick and it does work, however, I think I might be missing something because the overlay causes the rest of the page to be unusable, and if you click, then the lightbox is gone, and there is no more option.

It was suggested that I pin a container box, which is nice, but I’d rather the offer fade away and come back again.

Does this make sense? Am I talking crazy? LOL.

I Hope I did this right, and if anyone can help me out I’d greatly appreciate it.