Link database to services

I’m looking for an orientation. If I’m not in the proper place feel comfortable to delete.
I want to create a plataform or something in this way where I could connect a service to a visitor; acting between many professionals that will constantly update their content and possible clients (visitors until then), intermediating both.
So for that I was thinking in use a database linked to dynamic pages and offering a possibility to the visitor to hire that service in a automated way through the website walmartone .
Is that a possible and good a ideia to do in the plataform? Do you suggest using Corvid for any function or the editor is enough? It should fit well in a member’s area? Suggestions are very welcome.

Thanks in advance!


You should definitely look into members area which is a default Editor functionality. It depends on your needs of course but it should be enough.

You would be better suited going through Wix Support about this issue as it is not a code issue.

However, if in the future you want to have more customization options for your members area and implement more functionality - you can definitely do so by using code :