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How do i link a user’s uploaded image to the url (link to bio) the users have putted in?



Can you please elaborate on what it is that you’re trying to achieve?


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Sorry for my bad english (I’m dutch speaking :slight_smile: )

Well i placed a ‘user input text’ (-> Type url ) on my site, this is a input where my users can put there personal link in (link to bio). This link has to be linked to a image (for advertising) that the users also have to upload. On a certain time the image has to appear in a ‘box’ , that i placed on my site, with the personal link (link to bio) of the user connected to the image. Now my question(s) is, How can i link the personal link of my users to there uploaded images on the time the image shows up in the ‘box’? And how can i let the uploaded image of the user show up on a certain time in the ‘box’?

Thanks for the response!