Linking and creating filter using codes


Is there a way that I could link my database to the wix video library using codes? So that If I edit something to the database it will automatically show on the video library?

Also, we would like to add a sort and filter option on the wix video library so that users can search by categories and tags, is that possible?


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Currently, there’s no option to upload videos to a collection. Moreover, there’s no integration of Wix Video. However, there’s an option to add videos from YouTube or Vimeo using code. Basically, you can create a collection and each record can have a video URL, the relevant categories and tags and filter by them.
In order to create a filter, you can check out this video tutorial.

Good luck!


Thanks! Will check out the video tutorial.

Would you know if there is a way to link the database to the video library? I mean if I input a Vimeo URL to the database, it will automatically be linked to the wix video library. So that, I don’t have to manually input the URLs both on the database and on the video library.

No, there’s no integration of Wix Code with Wix Video.

Hey Tal,

Thanks for your help.

We want to create a collection just like what you said. Do you know anyone who can help us out with the codes? We’re willing to pay for the service. Thanks.

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You can hire an expert in Wix Arena .

We tried to use Wix arena.
The problem is that everyone who applied for the job couldn’t code.

Or did we do something wrong on Wix arena?