Linking to Elements Within Wix Event App Module

IIn the wix event app, there are ways we can customize it to a degree. One of the things i wish to do is create a text hyperlink from the editor mode in the event program. it allows me to link with a URL. I want to know, since i can add anchors to certain sections on my page, how can i create a URL thats pinpoints the user to a certain spot on my website in the Wix event app?

Hi Bobby,

The URL for a section in the page should look like this :"/#anchor1")

Hope this helps!


I’m in the wix event app, and I’m trying to link a name (highlighted in blue) to go to an anchor tag on another page on my website (shown below).

I’m interested in the wixcode you uploaded, but how could I do so with the parameters shown in those pictures of mine (the wix event app module)? Should I wait until I publish the website so that the site’s url can be finalized?

Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Unfortunately, inside the event app you can only access a page URL.


So I couldn’t use the anchors to add to the url (like internal linking with the Hashtags at the end of URLs?)

Unfortunaly there’s no direct way to achieve that. however one work around would be to set up a routing scheme in the backend of your site that deals with passing information like what you clicked from 3rd party apps, and dealing with those requests. This is somewhat complicated so you might need to hire a wix developer, but the fun of it is trying !Velo: Creating a Router | Help Center |

Another solution would be to create a dynamic page (template) that shows one user at a time and since dynamic pages come with dynamic urls you can link each hyperlink to a dynamic page through the dataset

More on dynamic pages - here


Okay. Might have to skip it then. I do have another question however.