List of Wix Features that will be helpful if added to Wix Studio

Editor X has slowly been getting Wix Features that require no code, it would be great to see these in Wix Studio.

Google Auto Suggest Input
Muli-line Address Input
Dashboard Pages
Mobile Tools
-Welcome Screen
-Browser Theme Color
-Quick Action Bar
-Back to Top Button


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I need the Restaurant Tools in Wix Studio like Menu and Orders

@mrs_benedetti This is a current feature request! Be sure to vote for it here and you’ll be notified once it’s available! You can watch its progress on the roadmap page. :smiley:

@pamela thanks for the fast response.

Right now Wix Restaurants is just a request in the roadmap and we can vote for it.
Here is the direct Link, i hope you will find enough votes:

Wix Studio Request: Adding Wix Restaurants to Wix Studio

Do you know how fast are the internal processes?
How long does it takes from a vote to a the implementation of a feature request?

Could we expect implementation this year or is it realistic that it won’t be rolled out until next year?

@mrs_benedetti The internal process depends and can be different per request. The votes help us gauge what functionalities are wanted and needed. Once it’s decided for a feature request to become an official feature, it then depends on the complexity of creating, testing, and releasing the feature.

I’ll see if I can gather more information about this particular request!