Wix Roadmap: Request a Feature is here!

Hey everyone! :wave:

During the launch event of Wix Studio, we shared that we’d introduce new ways and opportunities for everyone to shape and impact the Wix Roadmap.

Well, today, I’m super excited to share that we’ve taken the Wix Product Roadmap to a new level! You can now see all the feature requests in one place and vote on your game changers. And what’s more, Wix Studio creators can now submit your dream feature to the product teams directly.

This is HUGE!

To learn more about the process of requesting a feature, read this - Wix Studio: Requesting a Feature | Help Center | Wix.com



I am getting an error message when I am trying to request a feature :disappointed:


:scream: Oh no! I’ve pinged the team to look into it. Will update when I have something to share

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