Wix Roadmap: Request a Feature is here!

Hey everyone! :wave:

During the launch event of Wix Studio, we shared that we’d introduce new ways and opportunities for everyone to shape and impact the Wix Roadmap.

Well, today, I’m super excited to share that we’ve taken the Wix Product Roadmap to a new level! You can now see all the feature requests in one place and vote on your game changers. And what’s more, Wix Studio creators can now submit your dream feature to the product teams directly.

This is HUGE!

To learn more about the process of requesting a feature, read this - Wix Studio: Requesting a Feature | Help Center | Wix.com



I am getting an error message when I am trying to request a feature :disappointed:


:scream: Oh no! I’ve pinged the team to look into it. Will update when I have something to share

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I came here to post a feature request but oh my… this whole page is designed so terribly bad! It is extremely difficult to see what is what. Everything is mixed up. Typography doesn’t help separate titles, subtitles and paragraphs. No separators, nothing that helps the eye focus. And then the area we type in the message is like burried under everything. Why is there a copy of it on the side that shows me what I am typing twice??

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Feature Request: Please implement a feature that allows users to define a Space After value for Paragraphs. Essentially allowing users to define the space between paragraphs in addition to the space between lines.

I’m new to Wix, and have to admit I was shocked to discover that there was no method for controlling the space between paragraphs, as you’ve always been able to do with traditional page layout tools like Adobe InDesign (or really any of the Adobe tools). Heck, you can even do it Microsoft Word.

I totally understand that a front-end to HTML and CSS editing is fundamentally different than traditional, more flexible page layout software, and that we are essentially dealing with p and br tags behind the scenes. But there has to be a way for the brilliant engineers at Wix to hide this fact from the users and create an elegant workaround that allows us—as visual designers—to specify a Space After setting for paragraphs.

Ideally, this would simply be integrated into the Site Design > Text Theme settings, and also available on a per-need setting in any Edit Text tool.

When a user defines a Text Theme Paragraph style, in addition to establishing the Point Size, Character Spacing, and Line Spacing, there should be one more setting called Paragraph Spacing or Space After.

Controlling the space between paragraphs is a fundamental but often overlooked feature in good, readable type in print and online. The current clunky method of jamming an extra line break between paragraphs is a holdover from the days of typewriters, and we should be well beyond that by now.

The other ‘solution’ of splitting multiple paragraphs into independent text blocks and manually eyeballing the space between each paragraph is also a non-starter, especially if you’re dealing with longer-form content that may have dozens of paragraphs per page.

I did come up with one workaround that I’m using with some degree of success on my site: I use the extra line-break-between-paragraphs approach, and I found that if I put the text insertion cursor on just that empty line, and I am able to adjust the Line Spacing of that line independently of the paragraph above and below it, effectively controlling the space between those paragraphs. It’s still very tedious (and easy to miss an empty line that needs adjusting here or there), but it’s better typographically than leaving a full Line Break between paragraphs, which gives text that typeset-on-a-typewriter feel.

Help us help you make text on Wix sites as beautiful as possible!

I would love to be able to prompt the AI website designer with text. For example: Try another font. Try these XYZ colors instead. Add XYZ. Erase XYZ. That would allow small adjustments to “fine-tune” the template with AI. :pray:

My 2nd suggestion:

“Since, WIX obviously is flooded with FEEDBACK and cannot deal with it all they should implement PRIVATE AI GPT to sort through their users UX/ UI feedback. For better and fast categorizarion. You could prompt your private GPT that is trained on your private txt files to list all the suggestions. List all negative. List all the positive etc. That’s powerful!”

I am sorry to rant, but the new Wix Studio is a complete disaster. I have been using Wix for over 8 years and the new product which you are now pushing is a step back from EditorX.

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