Logging Issues

I am trying to setup decent logging, so I can monitor my website.

  1. Issue: For my published website, only backend events appear in the Site Events List

  2. Issue: Google Operations gets no data from wix

When I open the Site Events page,

  • I receive all events from the Preview, but
  • for the published website, I only receive events from the httpFunctions API I use from an external server. Calls to console.log() in the (published) front end don’t appear here. Why?

I connected google operations to my website. I see in the Log-Explorer, that the project was created and wix tells me, that there is a connection:

Unfortunately no logging events appear in the google Log-Explorer (not even the entries I see in the Site Events page). Why?

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for reaching out! Are you able to share code to better understand the issue?

Hi Richard, thanks for your answer.

To give you an idea of where that happens:

$w ( ‘#repeater3’ ). onItemReady (( $item , itemData , index ) => {
// …
$item ( “#buttonDownload” ). onClick (( event ) => {
console . log ( “open pdf at” , BACKEND_URL + “/pdf/” + itemData . _id );
wixLocation . to ( BACKEND_URL + “/pdf/” + itemData . _id );
// …

That obviously happens in the front end in one of my pages.
So when I “run” the page as a preview, I perfectly see the console output in the Logs:

N.B.: The BACKEND_URL here is an external server, that does stuff (creating a pdf). That server retrieves some data from the wix backend of my website using an httpFunctions API.
We don’t see any other log entries here (although httpFunctions from the backend are actually triggered, and which I would expect to show up here).

Now I click the same button in the published website (free plan). What I see now is only the wix notifications of pages running and 2 entries from my httpFuncs

backend. But the front end log is not here:

I can see the console.log in the chrome developer console, though:

So what I see and understand is, that
Preview → only logs the front end console in the Site Events Window
Website → only logs the back end console in the Site Events Window

As to the google monitoring:
That works now. I probably had to wait for some time before the events show up there. So that Issue is resolved, i.e. it was no issue.
I still have to check though, if the entries from both versions (Preview / Published) are stored there.
I suppose they should show up, too, correct?

Any help is very much appreciated!

Hi @occharlet , Sorry for the late response. Our team is looking into this issue as it may be related to wix.window. there has been a few reports regarding to tracking not working properly.

We have a ticket opened with the team on our side and will update you asap.

In the meantime, please lmk if you have any other questions. Thanks!