Looking for My Replacement

I currently work as a developer for a nonprofit in New York State. As I transition to another part of my career, I will have to give some of my clients up.

They pay me $200 a month based on an average of 8 hours of work per month. Tasks are small. Some months have no work.
Their biggest times are June and Oct - Dec.

They require:
-Wix coding knowledge
-Graphic design skills (We use a mix of Canva and Adobe)
-General tech resource knowledge.

US-based is preferable. Must speak English. Spanish is a plus.

I will be vetting people through the rest of the month and into January. If interested, please email elizabeth_hay@me.com

This is a great position for the intermediate Wix partner.

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Hi there!

I read the Post & the Requirements that you’re Looking for…

To move Further, I need to know some more Details Regarding the Post.

Could you please tell me What kind of a Partner are you looking for?

Priyraj Singh (Wix Partner & A Velo Developer)


I’d be happy to take these clients. Long time Wix partner.

However, I am in AUSTRALIA. :joy:

But if they don’t mind the time difference, the work can be done while they sleep!



Feel free reaching out :slight_smile: certifiedcode.us / team@certifiedcode.us

Can you email me? Would love to chat.

Can you email me? Would love to chat.